16 July 2015

Life Lately

Life has been crazy busy lately but we are loving every minute of it! We live right in the middle of a cherry orchard and this week was the start of their harvest. The boys have had a blast watching the shakers and tractors out of our front window. We are spending plenty of time running through the trees and taking four wheeler rides to watch them work. 

I love how the above pictures show the boys' different personalities. My quiet and sensitive Ryder always holding on to his baby brother making sure he's safe and my wild and loud Gage. I love how different they are!!

We love watching them harvest during the day but when they wake us up all night long this is how we feel.... #stankface

Also, our house progress is on a roll!! They are almost 4 weeks ahead of schedule and the house could be complete in as soon as 3 weeks. I sure hope they keep up this pace and there are no delays. They have installed all the flooring and cabinets and we should have countertops soon. They are a little behind on the outside of the house but we should be getting stucco any day now. 

I can't believe it's mid July already! Have you guys noticed all the back to school stuff out in the stores?? I feel like Summer is all down hill after school starts! Even though I'm hoping these next few weeks fly by because of our house, I'm not ready to see Summer start to fade away. For now, we'll soak up every minute we can. Have a great day everyone! xoxo


  1. "Stankface" is freakin adorable! Your stair rails are awesome btw :)