01 July 2015

Hello, July!

We are SO excited that it's finally July! There are so many festive things going on this month and Summer is definitely in full swing. Fire works, rodeos and carnivals are a few things on the agenda for July. Even though we are having a heat wave right now, We've still been spending plenty of time outside. Our days are full of swimming at the pool and lake, going to the splash pad, long summer night walks to feed the horses, plenty of mid day naps and lots of cold treats. 

I'm also super excited for this month because it's getting closer to our house being done! We are shooting for an August 30th completion date which seems so close now that it's July.

The Sheetrock is in which means most of all the time consuming stuff is done and the finish work can begin. They will also start to stucco the outside next week. 
You know you're old when you get giddy about vaulted ceilings and can lights. 

Happy July everyone!

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