01 January 2016

Hello 2016!

Oh hey 2016! We're so happy you're here! There's nothing like a fresh, new year to make you feel renewed. 
We had a great 2015 full of lots of love and changes! Ryder turned 3, Gage turned 1, we sold our first home and built a new home, Tyson got a great promotion at work, Ryder started pre-school and we found out we're expecting another little babe all while I finally figure out this whole 2 kid thing.  It was full of laughs, tears, late nights and early mornings, kisses, hugs and sometimes tantrums. Long, warm Summer nights were our favorite but the cold winter snow was refreshing. Our babies grew up right before our eyes, new milestones were reached, first steps were taken and memories were made on a daily basis. 2015 you were so good to us and we have the pictures to prove it...

My heart is so full. 2016 we hope you are just as great, or even better than 2015! We are so excited for what is in store for us this year. Happy New Year everyone!! 

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