15 January 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Oh Valentine's Day.... It's one of my favorite holiday's. A small celebration to help cure the post Christmas blues and gives you enough hope that Spring is coming to keep you sane the last few months of winter.

We don't do anything too extravagant for vday but a festive breakfast is a must. {That is if my morning sickness decides to take the day off in some sort of miracle.} These Heart Shaped Raspberry Rolls have my name written all over them and these Pink and Red Cheerios for the boys who probably don't give a crap about eating anything heart shaped. :)

It isn't Valentine's Day unless you are up to your elbows in goodies. These Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts, Dipped Pretzels  and Red Velvet Brownies are a must.

I don't actually do a whole lot of decorating for vday, but I really should and I'm determined to start collecting some heart shaped décor. This Valentine's Day Mantle is to die for and this DIY Heart Tree would be so simple to create.

We like to get Ryder and Gage something little for vday, some sweet treats and a teddy bear always makes their day. Throw in a few dollar match box cars and they think its Christmas all over again. Any excuse I can find to use Kraft paper, string and paper hearts.

I've been on the hunt to find simple, DIY valentines for Ryder's friends that doesn't include too much candy. Because lets be honest, we're still swimming in Halloween candy over here. These Chapstick Valentines and Candy Huggers are adorable. All kids love chapstick!

It wouldn't be a Holiday in our house without some festive pj's! This Dig You PJ Set for boys and this Bear PJ Set make my holiday loving heart sing! They definitely need to make some in adult sizes. In the mean time this Red Kisses Set will do.

I am loving all the Valentine's clothing starting to hit the virtual shelves so keep an eye out for some more festive style idea's soon.

Have a great weekend!!

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