29 January 2016

Vday Gift Idea's

Helloooooo Friday! It's been another long week with all of us having colds which turned into another ear infection for Gage. So to his ENT specialist we went and finally scheduled a surgery date for his tubes. I'm dreading his surgery but I'm looking forward to not having to deal with ear infections monthly, and I have a feeling he feels the same way. But We are all on the mend and even though we're getting another huge snow storm this weekend I'm looking forward to no plans and hopefully catching up on some sleep. I'm also super excited  that January is almost over since This month just feels like the Monday of the whole year. Post Christmas blues are the worst and it's the point in the winter season where you want to climb the walls on a daily basis. I need some sunshine and fresh air!! Atleast in February you can say Spring is next month, talk about giving us some hope! February is also the start of the fun little holidays that my festive heart loves. Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter are my jam. Although we don't go all out on Valentine's Day, I absolutely love shopping for gifts for it! Here are just a few ideas for the loved ones in your life. 

Hello Apparel is always winning in the holiday tee department. I love every single one of their vday shirts especially their Cupid's Arrow. You can wear it all year long which is a plus and I could match the boys in the white version. {insert my husband's eye roll here} 
Throw a pair of pink socks, a bottle of Essie Polish and a Lush Bath Bomb in a cute bag and you've got yourself a cute little girlfriend gift. Bonus points if you add a Valentine's Candle by Candelles. I'll take  Long Stem Roses and this Donut one!!
Usually Tyson and I just go to dinner for Vday, exchange cards and small gifts. So I've done my research and found the best Valentine's Day Cards that every husband would love. I mean, cards should be inappropriate and not boring right? I also really need this card because I love Grey's Anatomy almost as much as my husband. almost.
We don't give the boys anything crazy or big for Valentine's Day, But I do like to throw a little box of goodies together for them. A festive book, jammies {Boy & Girl}, night light, sweet treats and some Heart Shaped Crayons are just a few ideas. When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a huge Heart Balloon Bouquet.
I also really quickly wanted to say thank you to those who have reached out to check on me this week while I was absent from the blog. Some day's I think no one reads this little space of mine until I take a few days off and feel so much love from everyone. Thank you all for supporting my blog and I love all the friendships I've gotten from it!
So what does everyone else do for Valentine's Day?? Happy shopping friends and have a great weekend! xo

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