24 February 2016

Hello, Sunshine!

Spring is slowly popping up around here with the sun rising earlier, days getting longer, temps climbing higher and waking up to the sound of birds chirping. My heart is so happy! I love the afternoon light that is starting to pour through my windows and fresh flowers scattered throughout the house is so good for the soul. Sun, how we've missed you!! 

With our home being newly built, our backyard is just dirt. An empty canvas that I couldn't be more excited to make our own. A fire pit, patio set complete with some string lights, sandbox and play area, chickens, a garden, glowing lanterns everywhere and plenty of trees and flowers are on our wish list. Hello dreamy Summer nights! I can't wait until you're here. 
Until then, we did buy a little rocker set from At Home for our front porch and we've already enjoyed plenty of sunshine out there. For the most part our front yard is done, it just needs a few flowers and trees. We also have a little square by our front porch that is just dirt right now where I want to eventually put a small fountain with some landscaping, but the boys love digging in the dirt so it will probably be one of the last things to be done.

I swear every Spring I get an itch that makes me want to do nothing but spring clean, organize and redecorate!! A fresh home is just what the doctor ordered for a new season. We made a trip to Hobby Lobby and quickly realized I needed everything in the store. With my cart full Ryder said "oooh mom, I think dad's going to be angry. I would say he's going to kill you but that isn't a nice word. But he might be angry." Who is this kid?? And he was so right. So I argued with myself for 10 minutes and just snagged a few goodies for our master bedroom. Gold and coral are my jam right now. Hello bright colors!

Gage is still sick but is now on some antibiotics to help clear a sinus infection and stuff in his lungs. Other than that he has recovered well from getting tubes and for the first time he has no ear infection as a result of his cold. Warm weather, sunshine and fresh air is the best medicine!

Hope you are all having a great week full of sunshine! Here's to Spring just around the corner! xo

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  1. We opened up all our windows today. It's amazing what a little warmish weather does for the soul. I need to hit up hobby lobby -that hello sign is amazing!

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