01 February 2016

Hello, February

Happy February everyone!! Man I'm so excited this month is here. Even though we woke up to another huge snow storm, we know Spring will be here soon. It's weird to think that the first day of Spring and Easter is next month! February will also bring my second trimester which will hopefully mean I will start to feel better! Gage will also have his tube surgery this month and we are looking forward to him feeling better. And of course another favorite holiday is this month. 

Since we woke up to a huge blanket of snow we decided to skip school, make some festive pancakes and play in the snow instead. 

We spent most of our January in our Jammie's, sick, going stir crazy and dreaming of warmer weather. Gage's face perfectly describes how I feel about January. 

We are ready for you February! And for the love of everything holy, please don't see your shadow Groundhog. 


  1. Girl, how do you do it? I'm just nauseous from sickness going around and I'm lounging around doing nothing and here you are pregnant and making homemade festive pancakes. It was a toaster waffles kind of breakfast over here lol

  2. Gage has the best hair! Yay for second trimesters and spring being just around the corner!