31 May 2016

A Birthday + A Holiday

Monday at 2:19 am our little Ryder turned 4 years old! What can I say....time is just plain cruel. I swear it was just yesterday when he was born. In fact, I remember very clearly all the feelings and emotions from that day like it just happened. He shook up our world in the best and hardest way. He cried for months straight and slept very little making my transition into motherhood very difficult. Then I blinked and he is now Four years old. He went from being a very hard baby to such a well behaved and sweet little boy. As a matter of fact, he is our easy kid out of the two {we still love you Gage!} Ryder is the best big brother to almost 2 little siblings and has the sweetest, most tender soul that you can ever imagine. He will cry at sad commercials but will turn into the hulk if you are mean to his little brother.  He is his dad's mini me in every way possible and is the definition of boy. We are sure blessed to have you Ryder, I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do. 

Check out this adorable birthday video my amazing photographer made of Ryder. I bawl every time I watch it! And if you couldn't tell, his favorite thing is being a big brother.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a little superhero party. He had his friends and family over for snacks, water guns and spider man masks. We had the cutest little superhero's running around. His cake was his absolute favorite and I cringed having to cut into it.  

Summertime has officially arrived and we are soaking up every last minute of it until it's too hot {and I get to be 800 weeks pregnant} to be outside. We are sleeping in, running around way past bedtime and hitting the pillow with rosy cheeks covered in sunscreen.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with family as we remembered all those who gave everything for our country. Have a great week! 

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