17 May 2016

May Madness

I can't believe that we are already mid way through May. I mean, wasn't it just Christmas?? Everything has snuck up on me including Ryder's Birthday party planning that happens to be next weekend and the last week of school which includes an end of year program.  But thanks to my pregnancy insomnia that has me up early in the morning, I have been playing catch up.

Ryder has requested a superhero Birthday party this year and since this is the first year that he has friends his age that he wants to invite, a superhero party he gets. I knew the time would come where he would have his own likes and I could no longer throw him whatever type of party I wanted, but I didn't think it would be so soon! Good thing I think I have one year left of that with Gage, who said he wanted a donut party for his 2nd Birthday next month. You got it kid.
I am not very creative when it comes to parties. Something easy that is already put together like this Party in a Box is just my style.

Check out Ryder's First Birthday Mustache Bash, Construction Truck Party, Monster Truck Party and my favorite woodland theme for Gage's First Birthday.
We've also been busy getting stuff together to move Gage into Ryder's room. We picked up a twin bed for him that matches Ryder's and also already got him a new mattress. For their room I decided on a modern camping theme. This campground sheet set, duvet cover and campsite night light are a few of the things on the list for their room. I am just patiently waiting for a sale!
As far as rails go for Gage's new bed, we have these portable bumpers that go under the fitted sheet and work wonders! Plus they are much better looking than traditional rails that hook on the bed. We used them for Ryder and he was still able to climb over the top of them to get in bed.
Ryder was really easy moving out of the crib and we put him in a twin bed around the same age Gage is. Gage is a little a lot different than Ryder so we are kind of hoping for the best but expecting the worst. You can read my tips on transitioning to a big kid bed here.
Moving Gage into Ryder's room means I get to finally put away these itty bitty baby clothes and start on the nursery! Pretty sure that's the best thing about pregnancy!

Have a great week friends!

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