04 August 2016

Choosing The Right Car Seat With The Baby Cubby

As we all know, car seat's are a very important. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a new baby or have a child who is growing out of their current seat, there are many things that factor into choosing the right car seat. Thing like state laws, seat location and knowing whether or not the seat fits safely into your car are just a few things you need to research when choosing a car seat.
A few weeks ago we went on the hunt for the right car seat for the new baby and I was quickly overwhelmed with all the options and different brands there are to choose from. I really didn't know where to start and what kind would work best for us.  The Baby Cubby has a complete resource guide on How to Choose the Right Car Seat complete with everything you need to know about State Laws, the LATCH system, car seat types, buckling the baby correctly, what to do if your seat was involved in crash as well as links to the different types of Car Seats Available at The Baby Cubby. They even have their own certified car seat technician that can help you and you can try any of their car seats in your own car before you buy if you are local. You guys, we've hit the car seat jack pot.

The one thing that stuck out to us while reading the guide is the fact that not all car seats will fit safely in your vehicle. We had a small car prior to buying a car seat and we realized that three car seats will just not fit into it safely and we actually ended up buying a new SUV. Doing your research is so important when it comes to car seat safety and in the end we decided on the Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Infant Car Seat. It's safe, functional and is a perfect fit in our vehicle.


As your baby gets older it is important to transition them into different types of car seats at the correct time. The Baby Cubby's Car Seat Guide can also help you know when the right time is to do so. For my older boys we currently have the Britax Frontier and the Britax Marathon. But The Baby Cubby has two new seats that are perfect for those bigger stages. Securing your child easily and safely in the car without compromising comfort or Style. The Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat and the Nuna AACE Combination Booster.

For those of you who are not new to the blog, you know I've raved about The Baby Cubby before; They are definitely not your average baby store. Just a few things that set them apart is they always price match, even amazon, so you know you're getting a great deal. They do the research for you and carry only the best and safest gear. Plus they have free shipping everyday at babycubby.com over $49. They also have the friendliest staff and such a fun store front! The other day my husband relaxed on their couch while my boys played with some toys and I tested out my stroller with a glider board on their stroller track. So much fun!

Don't worry if you aren't local, The Baby Cubby actively engages with parents on social media and their Cubby Community Blog. You can also learn more about them and what makes them different here.

So, what things did you factor in when buying your car seat??

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