17 August 2016

First Week Home

Well it's been just a little over a week since we brought home Finley and things are going great so far. I don't know if it's because she was pre term or if I just don't remember newborn's being this sleepy but she literally is never awake other than to eat. She gets a little fussy close to bedtime but otherwise I am waiting for the day the switch flips and she hits the stage where she cries non stop. But for now it's eat, sleep, poop, repeat. 

Breastfeeding is going great and she eats about every three hours. I still have a big over supply just like I did with Gage but the engorgment phase is starting to go away and my body is figuring out how much she needs. I refuse to pump to relieve the soreness and I think that has actually helped get my supply in order faster. She only nurses on one side each feeding for about 15 minutes so having an over supply definitely has its benefits. 

When we left the hospital she weighed 5lbs 14oz and three days later she was back up to 6lbs 1oz. She also passed her second hearing test on Monday which had us ecstatic since she failed both ears in the hospital.

The boys are adjusting so good and they just love their baby sister! So far there hasn't been any jealousy or anything but like I said she basically just sleeps leaving me a lot of time to spend with just them. Ryder has been a big help watching Gage when I need him too and I am so thankful they have eachother during this time. 

You guys, newborn babies are so good for the soul. With Ryder and Gage I didn't get to enjoy the newborn stage very much because of my emotions but this time around I feel much better and the newborn stage is just too good. Her smell, coo's and little grunts make my heart flutter. Did I mention her smell?? Newborn babies are just the best medicine. I could snuggle her all day. 

Tyson went back to work yesterday and despite being exhausted, the house being a disaster and the fact that I haven't gotten dressed all week, I'd say we are hanging in there. The only struggle I am having is putting Gage down for a nap. Fin always seems to need to eat right when I lay him down and Gage knows I'm helpless when nursing so he just runs rampant. I tried to prepare myself for that boy's wildness mixed in with a new baby and I know with time it will all get easier.  

I can't believe our sweet girl has already been here for ten days! I feel like I've known her forever yet I swear I was pregnant just yesterday counting down the days. We are feeling so blessed.

Here's to keeping our head above water another day. Pass the coffee and the baby snuggles, it's almost Friday!


  1. She is just pure perfection! Congratulations on making it through the first week!