25 October 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Another year of family pictures down and I have to say this shoot turned out to be my favorite. I'm not going to lie I was dreading pictures this year and thought about canceling them. Being only 10 weeks postpartum I was definitely not feeling ready but knew I'd regret having photos of the kids. {Even though Finley mean mugged the camera the entire shoot. }

I usually tend to lean more towards cool colors. Shades of blue against a grey barn is usually my jam, but this year we did rich warm colors to match some gorgeous fall leaves and I am in love!

Baby weight and postpartum hair loss have nothing on those cute little smiles! I can't wait to stick these on Christmas cards- which by the way is only 2 months away today! Gasp. 


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  1. These are gorgeous, Whitney!! Such a beautiful family and the background colors are so vibrant.