23 October 2016

October Around Here

I've decided that the whole month of October is so good for the soul. I don't know what it is about this month that makes the sunrises, storms and just the air so much better than the other months. Not to mention matching everyone's clothes to those beautifully colored leaves. 

My favorite part about this season is that the weather isn't too hot or too cold so we can stay outside literally all day long. We are so not ready to hunker down for the winter. Can it just be October year round??

Halloween is just about a week away, so we are declaring it Halloween week in this house. My boys have been obsessed with Monster House and Hocus Pocus, So much that I almost am getting sick of both movies. Almost. But we had our first Halloween party over the weekend and it officially got everyone hyped up for the big day. It is also Finley's first Halloween and I have to say that baby's first Holiday's are my absolute favorite! It makes it that much more special knowing she is our last baby - She's the cutest little kitty I've ever seen!

Follow us on Instagram @whitrichins to follow our Halloween shenanigans this week. Nothing could kick off this week better than the premier of The Walking Dead! Amiright?? Xo

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