20 October 2016

Happy Baby Wrap

If there is one thing that is very apparent after having baby number 3, it's that we are very outnumbered. And if there is one product that I would recommend to any expecting mom, it would be a baby wrap. These things are a life saver and I never leave the house without it. I wear Finley basically wherever we go so I have two free hands for Ryder, Gage and whatever else I might be wrangling at the time. They also help with colic/acid reflux and you can even breastfeed discreetly in them.
 A couple weeks ago we headed to our local pumpkin patch and our Happy Baby Wrap in Grey Ombre tagged along. Happy Baby Wraps are organic, super soft, lightweight and breathable! They aren't bulky or have a huge amount of fabric so I am able to keep it in my diaper bag for whenever I need it.
The boys went nuts at the pumpkin patch with the hay rides, corn mazes, apple picking and of course all the pumpkins to choose from. It only took a million hours to find the right pumpkin, all of which Finley snoozed through. The Apple Cider donuts are the best part about this pumpkin patch and I was only slightly embarrassed when I noticed Fin's head was covered in sugar after downing way too many donuts.


Not only do I use my wrap while I'm out running errands I actually use it a lot at home as well. Fin has her witching hour right at dinnertime and bedtime hustle where all she wants is to be held so the only way I am able to cook most days is if I wear her. Not going to lie...I don't mind it one bit!

It's so sad when babies grow out of their wraps {they support up to 25 lbs though!} I might stuff Fin into her wrap until she head's to preschool. Until then, I'll cuddle this little peanut on my chest as much as I can.
We love our Happy Baby Wrap so much that we are giving away one on our Instagram {@whitrichins} head on over to enter! Also make sure you check out Happy Baby Wrap's new Fall style's. They are so dreamy!

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