06 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Well it's 4am here and I'm wide awake blogging. I've been up since 1:30am thanks to someone who decided to go on a tagging spree in our neighborhood. Almost every house has spray paint on it including our fence. Alot of vehicles were covered in spray paint so I guess I'm just thankful they just got our fence. Glad I have a big dog, they are cheap security! He woke us up immediately!

So anyway.... The hubby felt a little better Saturday so with the temps in the 60's we couldn't resist a trip to the pumpkin patch! We took a hayride out to the patch and they also had a kids corn maze, peddle tractors, sand boxes, and a big slide. 

{I promise I'm not pregnant in this picture, a rust shirt on a rust background is not a good picture idea!}

We let Ryder go on the hunt for his very own pumpkin and of course he found a bunch and wanted them all

He finally found one that was the perfect size and carried it around the rest of the day 

He especially loved the hayride because we went past a field of horses 

Afterwords we headed back to the little barn store that they have there and snacked on apple cider donuts. So good!!

His little pumpkin looked perfect on our kitchen table! Although I think I'm going to let him paint it himself soon 

We ended the long day with a trip for some Ice cream before going to bed early. Pumpkin pickin is hard work!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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