14 October 2013

Our weekend in pictures

Friday and Saturday the temps rose into the mid 60's and since it was probably going to be the last nice weekend of the season, we took advantage! 

We went to another pumpkin patch and Ryder loved this one because it had a petting zoo

They had a pit full of corn and he was not a fan. He hated the way it felt on his toes and climbed on me the entire time 

We spent the next few days just going for walks and spending time outside 
This guy loves to be outside, I'm not sure what were going to do all Winter!

Ryder thought pretending to drive with dad in the driveway was pretty cool. He kept honking the horn and steering the wheel

Saturday night me and my mom went to watch Dance Odyssey's Thriller. And it was so amazing! I definitely will see it every year 

Sunday it rained a little so we just relaxed most of the day then we headed to my dad's farm where Ryder had a blast collecting eggs from the chicken coop 

{I think someone was a little milk drunk}

We ended Sunday night with The Walking Dead season premiere! Did anyone else watch it?? 

And now this is Ryder up bright and early on a Monday morning, happy as can be.... Wish I was a morning person!

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday!

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