04 October 2013


Here it is October 4th, 4 days into cold and flu season and I have a house full of sickies. My hubby has it the worst so far, it's been two days of throwing up, high fever, congestion, sore throat and coughs. I am praying that me and Ryder don't catch his sickness! Ryder so far just has a runny nose, restless sleep and a slight cough which I hope is just caused by teething. I am really not ready for this sick season!

He was mean muggin me for making him take a trip to Costco

I guess this is how you color when you don't feel good

But I did still manage to get a few smiles out of him

I can probably thank alot of this sickness to Mother Nature who again decided to dump snow and drop 20 degrees over the last few days. Apparently we are skipping Fall and going straight to Winter. 

{I HATE the snow! But it sure is pretty}

I hope everyone is feeling better and the weather clears up by tomorrow because we are suppose to be heading to the pumpkin patch. 

So, what are everyone's cold and flu remedies??