16 October 2013

Halloween Crafting

Yesterday we spent the day doing some Halloween crafts. And when I say crafts I mean we played in finger paint. 

First, we made cute little ghosts out of Ryder's footprints. I tried something like this for valentines day and I could not get him to sit still and it ended up just being a mess. So this time I sat him on the floor with the kindle and he didn't even realize what I was doing. It turned out so cute!

He had to be festively dressed while we did it of course. 

Then we painted pumpkins. I thought this was going to be a mess but Ryder figured out fast he was only suppose to paint the pumpkins. He could have spent hours doing this!

I probably should have just stuck with one paint color since they just got mixed together and made a puke green color. But It still turned out cute :)

Happy Hump Day!