10 April 2014


This week the weather has been amazing. It has felt more like Summer than Spring. It reached 80 degrees the last few days so that meant tank tops and shorts, running around barefoot, lots of sidewalk chalk and Ryder even ran around in swim trunks splashing in our man made puddles. 

We've been loving the sunshine, but I've been reminded that being pregnant while it's hot is hard! I swelled up like a balloon and couldn't keep up with Ryder one bit. I'm going to enjoy the heat this weekend while we BBQ and spend some time as a family outside before it cools back down next week. TGIF!!!


  1. I am so jealous about your 80 degree temps! I can't wait until Savanna can wear shorts and tank tops! The little "SUP" tank he's in is adorable!

    1. I hope you get warmer temps soon!! I love the 70's and low 80's but I'm not looking forward to the 90's and 100's! :)