15 April 2014

Our Weekend

My hubby had a 3 day weekend so we took advantage and had a blast just spending time together as a family. Friday the weather was amazing! We grabbed some take out and stayed up late next to a fire outside. Ryder loved staying up late, cuddling in blankets and eating lots of treats. This made me so excited for long summer nights. I can picture me standing at my back door with our new little baby watching Ryder run around the back yard, while Tyson is grilling some food and a fire burns in our fire pit. Can't.wait. 

Saturday and Sunday the weather was cooler and rainy. We spent those days doing some housework, went to dinner and cuddled on the couch in our Jammie's. Days like that are my favorite. 

Monday we headed to the aquarium. It was Ryder's first time and he loved it. He loved seeing all the different types of fish and his favorite thing was watching the penguins. 

We finished out our Monday night by doing some fishing. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Ryder played in the dirt and helped daddy catch some fish. After yesterday I'm pretty sure fish are his new favorite thing. 

With Tyson being so busy with work lately it was so nice to have some extra time with him. Now it's back to our daily routines and I'm patiently waiting for our fun filled Easter weekend to get here. Hope you all had a great weekend!