09 February 2015

Our Weekend

Monday already?? Why must the weekends fly by so fast! For the past 3 days we've spent the majority of our time outside in this amazing unseasonably warm weather. It was definitely just what we needed with all the cabin fever we've had lately. 

Friday the boys and I did a little shopping then met up with Tyson for dinner. It was a little bit windy that day so my nursing cover from covered goods was very handy! I love that he can look out the top of it unlike traditional car seat covers that cover the whole seat. 

After dinner we came home and just let the boys play outside for a while. This was Gage's first time playing with grass and he loved it. Pretty sure he ate a few handfulls of it though. 

Saturday was busy full of errands and shopping. Thankfully the shopping mall was outside so it was nice to enjoy the warm weather.  Later in the evening we let Ryder pick out a treat {he picked a sucker} and we all snuggled in bed to watch a movie and ate Chinese food  

Sunday was the warmest day of the week hitting almost 70 degrees! In the morning we headed to Walmart for our weekly shopping trip where we found a cute little Cars bike half off! There were only two left and we just couldn't pass up the deal so Ryder left with a new bike that he calls Lightning McQueen". We spent Sunday riding bikes, playing baseball, visiting family and going on long walks by the river. It made me so excited for Spring and Summer. 

I'm glad we had a few days to enjoy some warm weather, before we know it it'll be snowing again! Gage was up all night again so we will be spending the day relaxing and trying to catch up on some cleaning and laundry from the weekend.  I hope you all had a fun filled weekend and have a great start to your week! 

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