27 February 2015

8 Months old & Schedule

Gage is 8 months old this week and I am really loving this age! He's on a good schedule, is sleeping and eating good, and has the cutest personality!

Eating: we just recently started him on finger foods and he is doing so good with it he hardly eats baby food. Which is great for me since I make his baby food. Ryder had such a hard time with finger foods and gagged and choked on everything so im really happy Gage is doing better. His favorites are sweet potatoes, avocado, peaches, pears and peas. He still nurses about every three hours and has recently learned to bite. Ouch! He is starting to get really distracted when he nurses and does all sorts of acrobatic moves while he's latched just so he can see what's going on. We've also started to give him a sippy cup so when we wean him he'll go straight to a cup. He's not sure what to do with it yet but is getting the hang of it. 

Sleeping: most days he takes 2 naps with a cat nap later in the day/ early evening. He's to that point where he doesn't really need a third nap but 2 naps just don't seem like enough. He gets pretty fussy between dinner and bedtime. He is getting better sleeping at night but still gets up once or twice a night to eat. It's definitely better than him getting up every hour like he did. He also has to nurse to sleep which makes it really hard when Tyson or a sitter needs to put him down for the night. 

Milestones: He is no long army crawling and is cruising on his hands and knees. He also is pulling himself up on everything. We had to lower his crib because of it and I have a feeling he'll be walking before we know it! We will be moving him out of his infant car seat this month and like I said he also started finger foods. 

Dislikes: being hungry, getting dressed, getting his diaper changed, getting his face wiped, when you take things away from him or try to make him sit still.

Likes: crawling, getting into everything, making lots of noises, pulling hair, wrestling the dog and Ryder, food, and putting everything in his mouth. Everyone also comments on his beautiful strawberry blonde hair! He literally smiles at everyone and scrunches his nose to make the cutest little cheeser. 

Here's what Gage has been up to this month

Here's a look at his daily feeding and sleeping schedule:

Wakes between 6-7am
7:00am nurses
7:30am eats breakfast
9:00am nap
10:00am wakes and nurses 
11:00am lunch 
1:00pm nurses then goes down for a nap
2:30pm wakes from nap
3:00pm light snack
4:00pm nurses and some days will take a 30 min nap
5:00pm dinner
6:30pm bath
7:00pm nurses and bedtime
10:00pm wakes to nurse
3:00am wakes to nurse 

I plan on doing another "day in our life post" so keep an eye out. 

We adore this little sassy guy and we absolutely love watching him grow! I can't believe how fast it's flying by but we sure are enjoying the ride. 

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  1. Gage sounds so much like Brielana! Except she's still figuring out crawling but wants to pull herself up to stand on everything, its crazy. Our babies are growing up too fast ;)