02 February 2015

Hello February

Hello February! We are finally done with January and the post holiday blues that comes along with it, it also means We are one month closer to Spring! I'm definitely welcoming this new month with open arms. 

We have been really busy lately and thankfully we are all feeling lots better. {knock on wood} 
Last week we left Gage with grandma and took Ryder to the circus. He really wasn't a fan at first because it was so loud but once we got some earplugs on him he was in heaven. He rode a pony, loved the elephants and was in motorycle heaven. 

We have a really cool barber shop in our town that does old school haircuts and straight razor shaves. Tyson went there Saturday to get a shave and Ryder tagged along to get a new "disconnect" haircut. He did so good sitting still and they even commented about how good he was. Little do they know I usually cut his hair and he definitely doesn't sit that still for me. 

I would've styled it a little different but how cute does he look with it slicked to the side?? 

Our plans for Super Bowl Sunday were pretty laid back. After a yummy pancake breakfast we headed to Costco for our weekly shopping trip then spent the night eating lots of junk food watching the game with family. It was such a good game and we are glad the patriots won!

Usually our Costco trips are pretty easy, Ryder loves to get lunch there and Gage is pretty happy being able to sit shotgun with his brother. However yeaterday's trip went a little something like this... Got the boys strapped in the cart and headed to get some diapers. Snapped this cute picture of our smiling happy boys while thinking how well behaved they are. Then Gage started fussing really bad which was pretty out of character for him while we're out and about. So I went to get him out of the cart except for his safety belt was stuck, I played with it for a minute then he really started to cry and I realized the stupid button on the strap was broken. I then start to panick because I can picture us having to cut a screaming baby out of a shopping cart. Tyson was finally able to get him out using his car keys and a few minutes of fiddling with it. We continue on with our shopping while I carry Gage. He was still really fussy and I thought maybe he was tired so I went to get his binky when he all of a sudden projectile vomited all.over.me. Those of you who know me know that I don't do puke. Give me a snotty nose or poopy diaper but for the love of everything holy PLEASE no puke. Tyson immediately started cleaning up the massive amount of puke on the floor while I'm in my panic mode trying to not throw up myself. Ryder at this point is ready to be done with the hell of a shopping trip and was also starving for lunch so naturally she began to make a scene. So there we are in the middle of Costco, Tyson cleaning up puke, me covered in puke while Ryder is yelling "I WANT A ROOTBEER!!!" Heaven. Help. Me. 

And now it's Monday and we are all as happy as can be with this beautiful weather we are having and ready to get this week started out right. 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. 


  1. That shopping trip gave me a headache just by reading it lol

    1. haha right?? hope you and that cute new baby are doing good and I hope your little man is adjusting well