17 February 2015

Vday Weekend

Our holiday weekend was so laid back filled with lots of warm weather. I love when we have no plans or rushing around to do and can just relax. 

Saturday morning we had red pancakes and the boys gave Tyson the cards they made. Ryder and Gage also got to open their Valentine's which always consist of Jammie's and a book. I'm a sucker for matching PJ's!

After breakfast we went on a walk and did a little fishing. Ryder has his own pole which means we spent most of the trip trying to avoid being hit in the face with it.  The boys didn't catch any fish and according to Ryder they were at home sleeping.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the warm weather and We finished out our night with ordering a pizza for dinner and watching a movie. I attempted to get a cute picture of Gage covered in kisses for his first Valentine's Day, but as soon as I laid him on my pretty white blanket he rolled over and took of crawling smearing his kisses and getting lipstick everywhere. FAIL. 

Ryder also learned a new naughty word over the weekend thanks to Tyson's road rage! Check out the funny video of him on Instagram @whitrichins for a good laugh :)

It was a perfect weekend spent with my perfect little family! Hope you are all having a great week so far. 

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