16 March 2015

Our Weekend

Last week the weather was pretty cool, but by the weekend temps reached the low 70's which made for a fun few days!

Thursday I took the boys to Walmart to grab a few things for the weekend. It also was the grand opening for a new Walmart in our town so they had a few fun things going on including Olaf greeting customers. Ryder usually loves Olaf, but apparently there is just something terrifying about a huge talking snowman. Gage loved him but he was pretty confused when Ryder was screaming in the background about Olaf holding his baby brother.

Friday and Saturday the weather was gorgeous so we spent a ton of time outside coloring sidewalk chalk, stepping on bugs and even made smoothies! Gage wasn't sure about his breast milk, avocado - blueberry smoothie, mostly because he hasn't mastered a sippy cup yet. But making icy treats has me so excited for summer. 

Sunday we took the boys for a picnic at the park, fed the ducks and played on the playground. Usually Ryder is pretty stand off-ish in public, but this weekend he wanted to do everything all alone. He grabbed the bread for the ducks and headed off all by himself and wasn't even concerned about us coming with him. He's definitely growing up too fast. 

The ducks thought it was their lunchtime too when it was time to feed Gage. 

Sunday nights are my favorite. Tyson and I put the boys to bed early, dish up a treat and spend hours watching our favorite shows recorded on our DVR. These boys are loving having daddy home every night now and so am I. 

And this is my Monday morning... Poor G is teething bad and is making sure everyone knows how miserable he is.

 He skipped his morning nap and we are all pretty tired, but it's 73 degrees outside, the windows are open and it smells like spring! So happy Monday to you all!


  1. Poor guy! Teething is some serious business :( At least you had good weather!

  2. Aww poor Gage and teething. Our lives are so similar right now. :) Glad your hubby is home right now...makes a world of difference.

  3. I've heard of putting thieves and Pan Away on the jaw line for teething!! I'm gonna try it on Ava when she starts teething!!