03 March 2015

Easter Basket Goodies

I know I say this about every holiday, but Easter is one of my favorite ones to celebrate! This is one of those holiday's that has just gotten a million times better since having kids. I love stuffing Easter baskets full of goodies and watching Ryder run around searching for eggs. And since this is Gage's first Easter it makes it even more special. Here are a few Easter basket ideas...
1.Wooden Bunny Teether I am really loving wooden toys lately and Bannor Toy Shop has the cutest stuff. I got Gage their Star teether for Christmas and he loves it. With two front teeth trying to pop through I know this Bunny Teether would be a hit with him. 
2. Chick Magnet Sleep Set You all know it isn't a Holiday in this house unless we get the boys matching jammies. Gap nailed it this year on Holiday PJ's and their girl jams make me want a girl so bad!
3. Born Free Straw Cup Ryder has mastered a regular cup but he uses a straw cup when we're out and he's had his current cup since he was a baby so it's time for a new one. We are also trying to get Gage used to sippys and straw cups as well so this is perfect for him. 
4. Snap Bib Can I just tell you having bibs scattered throughout my house drives me NUTS! They are just not easy to organize and with as messy as Gage is when he eats I end up with a pile of dirty ones in my laundry room at the end of each day. These snap bibs wipe clean easy so there are no need for a ton of them. This is definitely going in Gage's basket this year. 
5. Hello Moccs You all know I'm a huge fan of Moccs for the boys and I usually buy Freshly Picked Moccs during their warehouse sales but Hello Moccs had a 20 minute sale where all their Moccs were half off. I just couldn't pass it up and I totally used Easter as an excuse :)
6. Peep and Ducky book  Every holiday of course needs a themed book so we got Peep and Ducky for Gage and     10 Easter Egg Hunters for Ryder. You can never have too many holiday books.

Although Putting together the boys' baskets is so much fun we are going to try to focus on the true meaning of Easter and use this time to teach the boys more about Jesus. 

So what is everyone putting in their kids baskets??


  1. Ive just started seriously thinking about Easter goodies today! Those moccs are fab- and you scored on the price!

  2. I wish I would have known about the moccs sale!!! I wanna buy some moccs so bad but they're so expensive everywhere I look :(