02 March 2015

Hello March

The weather has been so amazing around here lately. Temps in the 60's means lots of time spent outside and getting ready for Spring. 

And then March 1st happens and we wake up to snow

It hasn't really snowed here since December so we were all okay with waking up to a blanket of it! It was Gage's first time playing in it and he loved it. 

March is my favorite month and I'm so excited that it's finally here! The first day of Spring also falls on my birthday and I love the changing weather and excitement that spring brings. This is how we finished out our last few weeks of February. 

{just fyi, Starbucks serves whip cream cups for your kiddos. No more having to share your drink with them! Your welcome.}

Happy March everyone! Here's to hoping spring comes soon!


  1. Whatttt I'm glad I know about Starbucks now!! I love their whip cream lol