23 March 2015

Our Weekend & Exciting News

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a blast and was definitely spoiled. Friday Tyson surprised me with balloons and flowers and took me to dinner and a movie. Ryder was so excited to play with the balloons and everyday since he brings me one and says "happy birfday mama" and gives me a kiss. I say thank you buddy! And he responds with "no problem mom" Gage {aka "bam bam"} got a hold of one and popped it which of course was funny to him but devastating to Ryder. 

I also caught Ryder feeding Gage some Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs that I got for my birthday  and when I told him he shouldn't be doing that he responded with "Happy Birthday Gage!" atleast we know he isn't allergic to peanut butter now!

Saturday the boys had Easter pictures which actually turned out not that great. There was too much commotion going on so we could never get any shots of them smiling. We did feed the ducks after so atleast it wasn't a complete waste. 

We also went and looked at our lot for our new future home! Our exciting news is we will be selling our current home and building a new one in a great location. We are so excited for this new adventure of ours!

Since we need to sell our current home asap we spent the rest of the weekend doing some upgrades and cleaning to get it ready to show. 

Ryder obviously is a big helper. We have lots of fun things going on this week including picking out colors and designing our home, getting ready for Easter and some spring rain showers which I always love! Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Congrats on building a home- so exciting and such a gorgeous location!!! And Gage's chocolate smile is too sweet.