18 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day

I hope you all had a great holiday! St. Patrick's day is always pretty laid back for us. The leprechaun hasnt visited us yet, but maybe when the boys are older and can understand better. We did a festive breakfast of pancakes, yogurt, fruit and milk, All of which were green of course. Ryder loved helping me make the batter and was in awe when we turned it Green. Gage just banged spoons on pots and pans. 

For the afternoon we just spent a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather. Ryder brought out all his dinosaurs and played in the rocks. He also loves crawling around with Gage and he makes sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth. If that binky falls out he'll eat anything he finds. Good thing Ryder has it covered when I'm not looking. "Ew ew EW GAGE!! Don't eat that. GROSS."

For dinner I made some corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and let me tell you Ryder loved it! I've never seen him clean his plate faster and I'm pretty sure he ate more than all of us. Gage loved the chopped up carrots and potatoes. 

Like I said, totally laid back. Just the way I like it! Now I'm counting down the days until Easter. My absolute favorite holiday! I've been getting Easter goodies for the boys here and there and I can't wait to put their baskets together. Happy hump day from me and my little monsters!

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