29 April 2015

Being a Boy Mom

Ever Since Gage was born and made me a mom of two amazing boys, a lot of people ask if we are going to try for a girl. I tell them that yes we will eventually have a third and last baby with which they respond "You will probably get stuck with another boy!" Now, I'd be lying if I said I don't want a girl. A little lady would fit great with our family. But if I have a third boy and complete our family with all boys, I will be one hundred percent happy with that. I won't be "stuck" with all boys as if it's a bad things. To be completely honest, I really love being a boy mom and my heart might even be a little heavy in a sense, if that title changes. 

I love the race cars on my kitchen floor, the tractors laid out all over the couch, the squirt guns in the bath tub and I even love finding dinosaurs tucked underneath my bed sheets when I go to climb in bed. I love our wrestling matches, our talks about monster trucks and how planes fly high and I love when our nightly walk takes ten times longer than normal because we have to stop and look at all the bugs. I love building forts, coloring monsters and wearing matching chuck Taylor's. 

But I have to say my most favorite thing about having boys is watching the bond with their daddy. I love watching Ryder follow Tyson around mimicking his every move. I love when we eat dinner and Ryder wants a cup just like daddy or when he will only take bites when daddy does. I love watching Gage crawl over to Tyson right when he walks in the door from work. When he grabs his beard and gives a nice little scream in excitement that his daddy is holding him. Or when I just can't get Gage to sleep and Tyson can soothe him in minutes. 
I love watching Tyson teach his boys how to fish, how to ride a bike, how to play baseball and how to hold the door open for mommy. If my boys grow up to be even just half the man Tyson is, I'll be happy. 

Someone once told me that a son is a mothers greatest gift. That her boys will always look out for her and take care of her as she grows old. And that sons will always have a special place in their hearts for their moms. 

So if in the future, you see me at the grocery store with a cart full of boys, Know that I'm so happy and blessed to be "stuck" with all boys. My hands might look full, but so is my heart. 


  1. My thoughts exactly! There's something so special about being a boy mom...I know some people roll their eyes at that, but it's true. As they get older, the relationship between father and son is so incredible to watch. It's like dad gets to be a kid again. :)

  2. So sweet! I'm hoping to round out our family with a third and would love another girl ( though everyone else insists on a boy- like we get to decide) I know for a fact we're given the exact baby we need and that fills me with great joy and hope. A full heart, indeed!!!