26 August 2015

Gage at 14 Months

14 months old?? Time flies when you're having fun! This is by far my favorite age, Still a baby but big enough to do things by himself. Learning, growing and exploring on a daily basis. 

Eating: Man this kid can eat. We have yet to find any food that he doesn't like and he eats all.day.long. Even though he eats pretty well balanced meals we still can't get him to drink cows milk. We've tried everything and he just isn't having it. Which means he is still nursing and I'm having the hardest time weaning him. He mostly nurses when he wakes up at night or wants to nap. 

Sleeping: Gage is at that age where he doesn't necessarily need two naps but one nap is just not enough. So for the most part he still takes two naps a day unless he sleeps in. He usually wakes up around 7am then naps at 10am and then 2pm. I can tell his morning nap is slowly fading away so I'll enjoy it while I can. As far as him sleeping at night....ugh. On a good night he gets up once or twice. It isn't too bad because I nurse him and he goes right back to sleep but it makes our weaning process extra hard. 

loves: Eating, his binky, his lovey, his brother, taking baths, shaking his head no at me, animals, putting things in the toilet, dirt and trucks. He is the complete opposite of his brother and he gives me grey hair on a daily basis. He has new bruises on his head almost every day and I chase him around every minute of the day. He is fearless, sassy and has the biggest attitude but he gives the best kisses and has a soft spot in his heart for stuffed animals and blankies. Gage is definitely a daddy's boy but loves mama the most when he's tired or sad. His nick name is Bam Bam {bam for short} and he definitely lives up to it.

Hates: The word no, getting his diaper or clothes changed, being sleepy, his car seat, sitting still, watching tv, cuddling and sharing toys. 

{waiting by brothers room for him to wake up}

{when he puts his lovey in the toilet and it has to be washed}

He impresses me daily with his speech and the things he understands. He is starting to say dog, cat, ball, truck, tractor, snack, night night, Ry Ry {Ryder} mama, dada, nana, papa and lovey. And my favorite thing about him is he gives the best scrunched nosed smiles. 

Being his mom has been challenging, scary, rewarding, crazy and even on his wildest days, the best thing ever. 

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