27 August 2015

Lunch Time With Nuby

Gage is at that age where he is starting to learn to feed himself with utinsels and drink out of regular cups. At meal time, instead of giving him a sippy cup we give him a Wash or Toss Straw Cup from Nuby and once he masters using that we will move on to a regular cup. So far he is loving having a cup just like brother and he is learning that it's free flow and will spill unlike his sippy cup. He even gently puts it in his cup holder when he's done using it. 

Nuby Wash or Toss Straw Cups
10oz / 300 ml
Easy to hold
Snap on straw lids
Straw runs down base of the cup
Free Flow cup
Sturdy enough to respuse
set includes 4x cups and lids

Available at

I love that they are sturdy enough to reuse but if you lose one or need to toss it then it's no big deal. Gage also loves to play with these and it entertains him for so long! I give him a cup, straw and lid and he puts it all together over and over. Who would've thought??

Also, am I the only one craving Fall?? I've put off posting anything containing the F word cause lets be honest, it's August and 95 degrees outside. But you better believe that September 1st rolls around and I'm pulling out the pumpkins! This little space of mine will be the first to get a Fall make over, but for now I guess a Cider candle will suffice. 

Speaking of Summer ending, our friends over at Hello Sunday are having an end of Summer Sale for 30% off the cutest Jammies you've ever seen using the code SUMMER30 at checkout.

Cheers to tomorrow being Friday!!

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As a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program I received this product but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Get it Gage! I havent even attempted to give Brielana utensils yet lol.