18 September 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! Today is going to be 66 degrees and our only plan for the day consist of soaking up this Sunshine while it lasts. This little sweetie melted my heart this morning as he dragged his teddy bear and blankie everywhere. This is seriously my favorite age and I wish he could stay this little forever!  

 Now, onto my favorites for the week....

With Winter slowly approaching I've been on the hunt for some good shoes for the boys. As you know we are definitely fans of moccasins but in the winter they just don't work. My favorite hard sole shoes for boys are Vans. These Canvas Half Cab Frost Grey are perfect for the cooler temps and even stomping through the snow. I love that they are a little higher up but not quiet a high top. They had an adorable brown pair with fur on the inside that I so wish I bought since they are now sold out. This is Gage's first pair of hard sole shoes and bless his little heart he looked like a new baby giraffe trying to walk in them.

Tubby Todd just released their new product line and I was dying to get my hands on it! As you know Gage has really sensitive skin and eczema so I have to be really careful as to what products we use on him. We have found a few products that have improved his eczema but i'm still on the hunt for new products to try on him. The All Over Ointment  and Dream Cream are by far my favorite. The ointment is so versatile that it can be used for diaper rash's, cuts, scrapes and eczema. My favorite thing about the ointment is it truly is scent free. Unlike some other products that have an awful smell when they aren't scented. The dream cream is so creamy and has an amazing mint scent. I plan on using both these products morning and night to combat Gage's itchy skin.

Old Navy is having a huge baby and kid sale so I got stocked up on the boys' cold weather clothes. This Quilted Chambray Vest, Fleece One Piece and Raglan were a few things I snagged. You can't beat a $5 tee!
Anthropologie and Pottery Barn are killing me lately! I just got the holiday sneak peak from PB and my wallet ran away from me. But this Measuring Cup Set, Farmers Market Basket, and these Latte Mugs and bowls are a few of my favorites.

And my last but not least....PUMPKINS! We snagged some pumpkins this week and they are slowly making their debut around the house. Next up, mums!

Have a great weekend!

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