10 September 2015

Ryder's First Day of Preschool 2015

Yesterday Ryder had his first day of his first year of preschool! He's been waiting weeks to go to school and he was so excited the day was finally here. He had no problem walking in all by himself and just said "see ya later mom" Me and Gage on the other hand, both cried. And let me just say that it's a major mom fail that his chalkboard says 2014. Apparently that's how stressed I was....

All about Ryder 2015

How old are you? One... {giggles} no free! While holding up three fingers
Favorite color: Purple! Yesterday it as green.....
Favorite food:  Pasta and Rootbeer
Favorite toy: hot wheels cars
Best friend: Tyce and Daddy
Favorite movie: Cars
Favorite treat: m&ms 
Favorite book: Little Blue Truck
What do you want to be when you grow up: a doctor and help daddy fix stuff
Favorite things to do: play with bam {Gage}, color, ride my bike, watch monster trucks and play in the dirt with my tractors 

I can't believe Ryder is big enough to be in preschool! It definitely hurts my mama heart a little but we love watching him grow. 

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  1. I didn't even notice the year, he looks SO cute!

    1. Thanks so much!! Glad no one is noticing haha!

  2. First time commenting! He is so cute! I probably wouldn't have noticed the date if you wouldn't have said anything. Maybe you can photoshop it?

    'Tis Our Life Blog

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I'm a fan of yours :) and I'm glad you didn't notice the date either! I'm thinking of photoshopping it just for his baby book