11 September 2015

Friday Favorite's: Childrens Books

We are big book readers in this family so we make sure there are plenty on hand for the kids to enjoy. I believe introducing books at a very young age can help instill a life long love for reading. Holiday books are my favorite and I like to snag a few as each one passes. It's a great way to celebrate the small holidays! Gage is at that age where he cant sit still for us to read to him. But Ryder loves books so he helped me round up a bunch of his favorites to share with you.
The Diggers // The Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor Book // Tickle Monster // Little Owl Lost // Where the Wild Things Are //  Boom! Boom! Boom! // The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear // Room on the Broom // Peep and Ducky // Dinosaur Farm // The Little Dump Truck // Little Blue Truck // Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

As you can see most our books are about trucks, tractors and Dinosaurs. But We also love the Little Critter Series, How Do Dinosaurs Series and The Night Before Series.

As far as baby books go, Gage really loves A Book of Sleep, You Are My Sunshine and Alice in Wonderland. They are short, full of colors and board books so he can't rip the pages.

With the holiday's coming up, I'm stocking up on new books for the boys' Christmas presents! What are everyone's favorite books?? Happy reading and Happy weekend!

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