08 September 2015

Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends are my favorite and usually are really super busy. But this Labor Day we decided not to make any plans and just spend the weekend relaxing. 

Tyson had Friday off instead of Monday and unfortunately Ryder woke up puking on Friday. It gave me major anxiety because the day before was school orientation and if he gets sick every time he goes to school it's going to be a really long school year. But after a few hours he was back to normal and we were able to do a little school clothes shopping. 
Ryder of course fell asleep in the car around 6 and we just ended up putting him to bed for the night thinking he'd get a good night of sleep. Instead he woke up at 9pm and acted like he's slept for days and had tons of caffeine. It was a long night. 

Saturday morning while everyone else slept in Gage and I made Buttermilk Pancakes. I can always count on him to be up early enough to help me make breakfast. 

Saturday we did errands, coffee runs and thought about having a BBQ until Fall rolled in and it rained. The rain finally cleared up and we made a last minute-late night decision to make a trip to the carnival where Ryder rode his first ride and won lots of toys. No better way to say goodbye to summer than at a carnival. 

Sunday we enjoyed more Fall-like weather and took a few walks, played outside and ended our day with spaghetti night. Which always makes my OCD eye twitch. 

Monday while Tyson worked we hit up some Labor Day sales where we stocked up on some Halloween goodies including this Halloween Baseball Tee and Romper. {Girl moms, this Cat Long-sleeve night gown is to die for! Seriously almost bought it just because} Since we were in the spirit, we ended our night in Halloween Jammie's and read our favorite book Room on the Broom  

Gage was up all night with a really high fever thanks to 4 molars. But it finally broke around 3 am and he woke up feeling better. So the plans for today are lots of coffee and enjoying our last day of Summer because Ryder starts preschool tomorrow!

Have a great day!


  1. They are so cute :) I hope he is feeling better, I know how crazy it is when a little one wakes up sick

    1. Thank you!! Seriously puke and kids are the worst mixture ever haha