09 March 2016

Mid - Week Madness

I'm sure all you mom's have had those weeks where it just feels like, when it rains it pours. When things just don't go right and by Friday you are. Just. Done. Well that happened to me this week, except for it didn't happen all week it happened all in one day. From the minute I woke up to the minute I closed my eyes. By 5:00 I was. Just. Done. And to blame for the chaos are my cute little monkeys, because apparently I'm raising a circus. Nothing will make you feel more hopeless than being in the shower covered in soap and shampoo when your 1 year old opens your tube of waterproof mascara and runs off yelling "I COLOR!!!" And you know the disaster that is going to follow and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. And why do they always have to go for the expensive makeup?! This is why we can't have nice things! Gage also ate half a bar of soap.... You'd think after one bite he'd be like ew screw this but nope he kept going. Out of spite I'm sure. 

While cleaning off the mascara and getting the very expensive powder out of my very expensive rug, I realize it's quiet. Way too quiet. I walk in the living room to find this. Of course I already know I'm doomed and couldn't help but snap some pictures to laugh at later because right now it is definitely. Not. Funny. The bowl was sitting next to Gage so I mean I guess he had good intentions. 

And of course big brother Ryder's reaction when he saw my horrified face was that he didn't make the mess Gage did so he should be in trouble. Even though he gave him the bowl and the cereal and I'm sure whispered in his ear just exactly what to do. Nice try kid.

The day continued on - delicious homemade lunches were fed to the dog, tantrums were thrown because they both wanted the same rock in the dirt pile surrounded by another 100 rocks, toilet paper was mixed with sippy cup water in an attempt to "bake a cake" and there were many many cups of coffee and prayers said during the day. Then I finally got them to bed and read some comments on social media regarding the chaotic pictures I had posted. There were so many women who have older kids who said things like "oh how I miss this stage! I have pictures just like this and love looking back at them." And "laugh about it because you will miss this one day." And I realized they are totally right. Someday they won't be so little and I will wish I could just go back to these chaotic days. Days where we stayed in Jammie's all day, days where Ryder tried to do Gage's makeup, and days where they just wanted to do it themselves and ended up pouring a whole box of cereal on the couch. In all reality no harm was done, but plenty of memories were made. So the next time I have a "bad" day, I'm going to embrace it and put a smile on my face. Because these are my monkeys and this is my circus. Please stay little my babies!

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  1. Oh man, those days are the worst! There are days I don't get a shower in because I know Brylee will do something sneaky if I do-one day I put cartoons on in my room for her while I showered -only to come out to an empty room and Brylee was in the kitchen eating powdered donuts (it was hilarious when She realized she was caught). Also my mom always says "don't get mad take a picture" which is hard to do at the time but down the road they are usually the best pictures! Hugs!!

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