07 March 2016

Easter Basket Idea's

Filling Easter basket's has to be one of my favorite things to do, ever! Color coordinating small goodies and setting them out is almost like Christmas morning for me all over again, So I've rounded up a few Easter basket goodie idea's for your little bunnies!

A festive pair of jammies {Boy & Girl which happen to be 40% off today!} with some themed books like Duck & Goose and The Golden Egg are a must every year. But some other ideas I have found for this Easter are.....

Jellies Bath Toys // Finger Crayons // Play-Doh Eggs // Bunny Raglan // Sleepy Peep // Water Bottle // Dino Planters

^^ Seriously you guys, those Dino planters and that sleepy peep...  I.died.

Sometimes we will throw in some things that we know they need like a pair of shoes or some Spring/Summer clothes. I did order some Summer stuff today with the 40% off Sale at Gap and Old Navy that I will probably throw in even though it's not really for Easter.{These Pastel Colored Tee's would be perfect rolled up in an Easter Basket. Plus you can't beat the $5 price tag!} And of course you can never go wrong with stickers, treats, bubbles, chalk and hot wheels cars. Lots and lots of hot wheels.

I did put together a few gender neutral goodies for the baby's  Easter basket even though we don't know what we are having until next week. These Mint Jammies, Striped Coveralls, Salt Flat Moccs, and M+M Blanket were just too cute to pass up. I also really love this Knit Rabbit Hat for those tiny Easter babes!

And just because these two grow by the minute, here's a flash back of my little bunnies from last Easter.

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  1. I finished the girls basket on Friday and am wayyy excited for Easter!!! Only 3 weeks to go haha