01 June 2014

Ryder's Truck Birthday Party

Saturday we had Ryder's 2nd birthday party and even though it was so windy that we had to move the party indoors, it was so much fun and he had a blast.
We of course went with a truck theme since that is Ryder's favorite thing ever. I found the cutest table decorations and I even got truck balloons, but because of the wind it all blew away within a few minutes. 

Ryder's cake was my favorite part! It turned out amazing thanks to my step mom. I cringed when we cut it, it was just so cute! He even got his own little cake that he could eat all by himself.


He reeeeaaalllyyy wanted those trucks off the cake. 

There were almost a few tears once everyone started singing happy birthday but then he realized he got to blow out the candle. 

He was really excited to open his presents but didn't understand why he couldn't play with the toy he just opened. He started to get tired and let daddy open them for him.

Ryder had so much fun and got spoiled. He sure is loved! Hopefully all these new toys will keep him entertained when the new baby comes in less than 30 days! 

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