07 November 2016

Finley at 3 Months Old

I can't believe this cute girl is 3 months old already! She has changed our lives in ways you couldn't imagine. I waited a long time for this little baby doll, and she was so worth the wait! 

Out of all my babies, Fin has been my easiest. Maybe it's because by now I'm used to all this baby stuff or something but she has made transitioning to a third kid a breeze. 

Sleep: Finley is such a great sleeper! Although I know all too well about the 4 month sleep regression that lies ahead. She still sleeps most of the day and she naps in her mamaroo. This month I'm going to try to start transitioning her into her crib for naps during the day since She's getting to that age where noises wake her up. I'm on the hunt for a good sound machine and baby monitor if anyone has suggestions! Fin sleeps great at night! Atleast compared to my other two babies she sleeps at night. She gets up at 3am to eat then goes right back to sleep. She wakes up again around 7 for a feeding then again falls right back asleep until 8:30ish. She is still sleeping in her bassinet that is in our room, we will probably keep her there for a few more months. 

Eating: So the last time I think I updated on Finley's feedings was just when she was a month old and  a lot has changed since then. At one month old she had lost weight and only weighed 6lbs 10oz. We were advised to start supplementing and to see a lactation consultant. The doctor was very concerned with her health especially with being preterm and losing weight. Long story short- fast forward to today and Fin is strictly bottle fed. Baby is happy, mama is happy and more importantly she was up to 9lbs 10oz at 2 months old. That's all that matters. She eats around every 3-4 hours and loves her como tomo and Nuby bottles. On a side note: it's been over two years since I wasn't pregnant or nursing and this mama is stoked to have her body back!!

Milestones: 3 months old is my absolute favorite age for milestones! Guys...she has learned to smile. Just when you think it can't get any better, they learn to smile! She rocks tummy time and goes from tummy to her back every time. When she's on her back she rolls to her side and is trying to learn to go back on her tummy. She also can sit in her bumbo for short amount of time. She still has her witching hour around dinner time before bed but other than that she is the happiest baby you've ever seen. You will only hear this girl fuss when she's tired or hungry and she is basically all smiles when she is awake. Such a content little thing. 

The boys LOVE their baby sister. Ryder is always watching out for her making sure you do the correct amount of scoops of formula in her bottle or making sure no one steps on her when she's on the floor. Gage is always making sure she has her lovie and binky and asks if Fin is awake before playing with loud toys. You guys, my heart is so full!

We love you Finley girl! 

And now on to a million pictures of her because I just can't get enough.....

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