12 September 2013

Our Week in Pictures

It is Finally Friday!! This week has really dragged on, probably because it has been really cold and rainy most of the week.

The only day it didn't rain was Monday and we headed to the Outlets to do some shopping. And when I say shopping I mean Ryder ate some flowers, pushed the stroller and wore my sunglasses like a boss while we ate lunch. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly rainy, but we were able to take an early morning walk in between storms. Ryder of course had to bring Cash.

Two days stuck in the house and cabin fever sets in. We all were going a little crazy!

After the Third day of rain and lots of time spent looking out the window we finally decide to just bundle up and head outside. It was 55 degrees Thursday!! 

Is this picture not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! He loves that dog.

This morning I cut Ryder's hair {which is traumatizing} and we played outside before the storms rolled in. 

Ryder only wants to wear one shoe today, he refuses to wear the other one.


We ran some errands and now It's pouring rain, so we are going to listen to the thunder and patiently wait for daddy to get home so we can go out to dinner. 
And I think it's a Hocus Pocus kind of night!

I hope the weather is better tomorrow, I want to snatch up some pumpkins at the Farmers Market and do some more Fall decorating! Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Friday 13th!! 


  1. Where did you get his shoes in the picture of him wearing the blue striped jacket?! LOVE THEM! Your son is so adorable!

    1. Thank you!! They are DC's and I got them at Journeys Kidz. If you dont have a store nearby here is link to the shoes on their online site!! :) They are even cuter in person!


    2. Awesome! Thank you! I want them for my son so bad now!!! :)

  2. He is rockin' those DC's! And that all star shirt, oh-m-gee, he's a cutie!

  3. a little heads up! My email is a yahoo acct so I have to use my husband's google acct (hence: John) in order to comment! My name is Janel :)

    1. Aw thanks Janel!! He does rock them pretty well doesn't he?? It was pretty sad when I realized my kid is sooo much cooler than me! :-P Thanks for checking out my blog!!