04 November 2016


Every year I say the same thing about Halloween...but this one was the best one yet! The boys are both big enough to really enjoy it and Finley just snoozed away in her wrap. The days leading up to the big day we painted pumpkins, slept in spooky jammies and had Hocus Pocus on repeat {seriously you guys....I am so over that movie now!}

Halloween Eve was super rainy and washed all the paint off of Ryder and Gage's Pumpkins, but I am happy to report that the clouds cleared and the boys didn't totally lose their minds when they saw them.
This year Ryder was Optimus Prime, Gage was Bumble Bee and Fin was a little kitty. I'm hoping that next year I can think of a fun theme for the whole family and have all of us dress up together.

It was so nice letting Ryder and Gage run up to the doors all by themselves as we watched from the sidewalk. I did wave and mouth sorry to the houses that Gage rang the doorbell a million times or took an hour deciding on which candy to pick out of the bowl. But they acted like it was Christmas morning after each house they left. Seeing a Holiday through a child's eyes is the best thing ever.

Now that Halloween is over I'm trying really hard not to be that person who throws up their Christmas tree...like I usually am most years. I did however pull out our Christmas jammies...let me live a little okay! But for the most part you will only see a few Christmas posts sprinkled throughout the month until after Thanksgiving...Unless I go weak and give in and I will go ahead and apologize in advance for that now. :)

I'll try my best to enjoy these Fall colors until then. Update on this big girl coming up next! 

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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