18 June 2013

12 Month Favorites

1. VTech sit to stand walker - This is one of Ryder's Favorite toys! He is not walking yet and this thing is perfect for helping him learn. The wheels have two adjustments, one for more experienced walkers that allow for it to move faster and one with a little more tension for the younger babes. The front comes off so he can play with it on the floor. It has a ton of different things he can play with so he doesn't get bored with it. It also has a learning mode in addition to a song mode. This is a must have! Even if your babe is walking.

2. Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets Ryder has had these since he was a newborn and he is so attatched to them! I orginally got them because he would always put his blankets over his face while he slept and I was afraid he would suffocate, these blankets are breathable so he can put them over his face no problem. He takes one with him everywhere, sometimes he even tries to bring it in the bath! It is the cutest thing.

3. 3- Piece PJ Set We LOVE jammies in our house. I wish we could wear them all day everyday!! These 3 Piece sets from Old Navy are so cute! I love that they come with pants and shorts, perfect for those summer afternoons when your still in your jammies! :) They do run a little small though, order a size up.

4. Brown Bear & Friends Book - These are by far Ryder's favorite books. He loves the colors and actually sits still while I read them instead of trying to rip it from my hands. I love that it is a board book so he can't rip the pages to shreds. It comes with Brown bear, Polar Bear and Panda bear. Seriously a must have!

5.Learning Workbench - Ryder got this for his Birthday and it has been a big hit. It comes with a removable hammer that he can use to hit the screws. There are alot of things to play with like a moving paint brush so he doesn't get bored. It also has a learning and song mode so he will be able to use it as he gets older.

Happy Tuesday!

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