20 June 2013

Sweet Summertime

I forgot how fun summer can be when your a kid!! There is nothing like sitting outside watching your little run around without a care in the world!
Some of our favorite things to do in the summer time.....

Sidewalk Chalk, We love coloring with chalk! I already have place picked out for my chalkboard wall inside. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the warm weather and doodling is so relaxing.

Water, water, water! This kid loves anything that has to do with water. His baby pool is his favorite because its just his size. He can crawl and splash with just the right amount of water. I am considering getting this water table too, I think he would love it!

We loving going to grandpa's house and playing with all his farm animals. The goats are new so he wasn't sure about them. He finally warmed up to them until the brown one nibbled on his toe, then he went bat shit crazy!

FISHING! Oh how we love the outdoors. We got Ryder his own baby fishing pole for his birthday but of course he would rather have daddy's big one.

Doing all this fun stuff this summer has really made me so thankful for the fact that I can stay home with my babe and share all these moments together. We are truly blessed.

Now, on to the cute summer baby clothes!!
Whoever said dressing boys isn't as fun as dressing girls LIED!! This Summer outfit complete with a mohawk and baby arm chub makes my heart burst into a million pieces!!

Tiny Chuck Taylors?? I just about died! I will be ordering many pairs of these for the babe, and get some matching ones of course!!


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