14 June 2013

Mama + Mister Fourth of July Style

Is anyone else as excited about the Fourth as I am?? The Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays! What is better than BBQ's, beer, family and fireworks?? Oh I know....getting all dressed up for it!!

For the little mister....

ummm.....baby cowboy hat?? I can see Ryder now in the yard wearing nothing but this cowboy hat with a sparkler in his hand....i die.

and for mama....

I am absoutely obsessed with anchors and skulls so I was so happy to find both in these festive colors!

And you better believe we will be having some tasty drinks! Of course it has to be festive, so we'll be trying red, white and blue layered drinks in mason jars (because im classy like that) possibly this recipe?? pics and recipes to come!

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