24 June 2013

Weekend fun

Why does it feel like summer weekends fly by so fast?? Time just needs to slow down! This weekend was a little more relaxed then normal, we are usually running around crazy so it was nice to slow down for a change.

Nothing like Saturday morning hugs from this boy!

This weekend we found ourselves at Cabela's, cause were redneck like that. Ryder went crazy with all the animals everywhere. He recently learned the word dog, so he pointed at every animal and yelled dog every time. 

Then we headed to the outlets for some shopping. Thank you quiksilver for having a sale on little baby clothes and almost breaking my bank. I did however find the cutest 4th of July outfit for the babe! So excited to share! 
Then we headed to Johnny Rockets. Um did you know they have s'mores shakes?? I.died. 

Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the super moon?? We caught some cool pics with the hubby's scope

And last but not least! Your little babe pic of the day 

Try to have a great Monday!! 

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