11 June 2013

8 Ways to be a happy & productive stay at home mom

Being able to stay at home with your kids is such a great blessing and so rewarding. It is also a hard job! Sometimes you find yourself stressed, exhausted and unorganized. Here are a few tips to help with the adventure of being a full time mama!

Get on a schedule and routine. Scheduling even just your day to day routines can make for a more organized home, which means a happy mama. Schedule wake up time, nap time, bath time, lunch time etc and make them a routine daily.  This makes for easy planning of things you need to do during the day like grocery shopping. No one wants to walk around the store with a kid throwing a shit fit because they have missed their nap, am I right?? I will also schedule my week and plan activities, chores, meals and errands that need to be done each day of the week. This also leaves time for mama and daddy to have their own time. Instead of the parents having to struggle until 11pm to get their child to bed, they have a steady routine of an 8pm bedtime, the rest of the night is for the parents!

Wake up before your kids. Shower, get ready for the day, drink some coffee and have some alone quiet time. I know what your thinking...you want me to get up at 6am, get dressed and do my makeup instead of getting my rest until the madness begins?? Just try it! I live for my quiet mornings. Nightime routines are busy and hectic, as soon as my head hits the pillow im out! So getting up early gives you quiet relaxed time to get prepared for the day. And if you dont get ready in the morning, as the day goes on you probably wont get ready at all!

Connect & communicate with your spouse. This one is very important. Let your spouse know when you are overwhelmed, need help, or just need an adult conversation. Set aside time when the kids are asleep to just talk with your husband. And dont forget date night!

Get out of the house. Cabin fever is no joke, kids are climbing the walls and mom is ripping out her hair. Doing little activites out of the house will help save your sanity. Going for a walk, to the park, or just sitting on your front porch watching your kids play are just a few things you can do each day.

Have your own hobby. Schedule time for yourself and do what you love. Go for a run, do a craft, scrapbook or have a girls night. "you time" is so important.

Let your child play independently. For some reason this one was hard for me. If my baby was on the floor playing, I felt like I had to be playing with him too at all times. It is good for kids to learn how to play by themselves, they will let you know when they need your attention.With that being said, this does not mean ignore your children all day long. Obviously they need your attention and bonding time. But it is okay to let them play by themselves while you get a few things done

Clean a little each day. The worst thing ever is walking down the stairs in the morning to a messy house! Seriously, ruins my day. Make it apart of your routine to clean a little each day. Have your kids help clean up their toys before bed, do dirty dishes, wipe counters etc. No body wants to wake up to that! Make a schedule at the beginning of the week of the cleaning that needs to be done each day and voila!  the weekend comes, the house is clean and you can enjoy yourself!

Have quiet time with your kids. Screaming kids running around can be a little nerving. Taking time out from the day to sit with your kids to read a book, color, cuddle and have a conversation brings the stress level down and also lets you connect with your kids. For me, it also gives me a minute to remind myself just how blessed I am to have this little babe in my life.

Now obviously this list is endless, and some people have different ways of how they do things. But through trial and error I have found these tips to be the most helpful for me and I hope it does the same for you.



  1. Thank you for this list! I am going to put this all into action, starting now!

    1. Thank you!! I hope you find it as helpful as I do!! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Thank you so much for this :-) I successfully set my alarm and got up before my children today and I feel amazing! !

  3. I needed to hear all of this! Especially the "date night" and "get up before your kids for me time!" Thank you!!

    1. Thank you!! I really hope it helps! I think those two are the most important for sure :)