26 July 2013

13 & 14 month favorites

As you can see we are slowly transitioning into fall, even though its still July! Moccs and deer leggings scream fall, so I couldnt pass them up. Its almost August so bring on the Halloween countdown!

If your looking for some summer favorites instead, click here and here.

I swear Ryder is growing by the minute and he is at such a fun age!
His favorite foods are peaches, avocado, cheese and green beans. He is wearing 18-24 month and 2T clothes. He says mama, dada, kuku (yucky), baby, cat, dog and cash (our dog). 

Here are some of our faves....

I died when I found Freshly Picked!! A baby in moccs is the cutest thing ever. These are hand made with high quality leather so they are sturdy and soft. I bought a size bigger so Ryder can wear them for a while and they still stay on his feet. A must have this fall!

My hubby is a big hunter and when I found these deer leggings I couldn't buy them fast enough. They are made out of organic cotton so they are so soft and fit so Well. Plus, with deer on them the word "legging" is much more boyish! :)

We have had a hard time finding cups for Ryder because he is not a fan of sippy cups. So this is perfect for him! The straw cannot be pulled out from the top so the babe cant make a mess. These are also leak free and have yet to break or crack despite being thrown into the ground over and over.

This shop has the cutest baby clothes and their signature Milk Drunk Tee is my favorite!! It also comes in a onesie for the little babes!

Despite being a licensed Hairstylist, I had the hardest time finding good hair products for Ryder without it damaging his hair or being full of chemicals. Tangled Tantrum has a full hair line that is free of Alcohol and Parabens. The Styling Paste is my favorite product so far because I like the seperation and control it has without it being hard as a rock.

And as always... Pics of the little!


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