08 July 2013

When the hubby is away....

You do absolutely nothing! The hubs is on a 5 day fishing trip in Canada which means the whole house is all out of sorts! We have been living in our Jammie's, staying up late, and I've basically eaten cereal for dinner the past three nights. And since its been raining 90% of the weekend we are bored.as.hell. 

We did however make it to the pool for about 20 minutes until it started pouring on us. But look at this cute boy catching some rays!! 

The dog even had cabin fever. Let us out!!!!!

And I caught myself watching Keeping up with the Kardashians at midnight eating salt and vinegar chips. Shit.got.real. 

Now, these last few days haven't been a total waste. I was able to get some stuff going for my new etsy shop coming soon! I can't wait for you all to see! I hope you all had a great weekend.


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