10 December 2013

Neighbor Gifts

Every year I try hard to think of an easy, cheap but cute gift to hand out to my neighbors and friends. I am really not that crafty either and all the ones I came across on Pinterest just weren't my thing. Until I stumbled upon this pin. She already has the tags made on her blog and ready to print! All I had to do was cut them out, punch a hole and add some twine. Seriously took me like 5 minutes. I got the soaps on sale at Bath and Body Works 7 for $20. I just loved how they turned out! 

Sorry for the low quality pictures. I took them with my phone and was in a real big rush.

So glad I was able to check these off my Christmas to do list! What are you guys handing out to your neighbors and friends this year?


  1. You can come be my neighbor anytime! hehe

    1. Hey I would totally love you as my neighbor! :)

    2. haha better pack your bags! You're moving to Indiana! :P